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Before you call, chat or email, Jade may have already answered your questions below. Please scan our list of frequently asked questions. If the answer is not below, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you reprogram, recharge, and reboot your metabolism!

How do I know if my order has been processed and what products I have ordered?

You will receive an email in your inbox from “The Sherpa” with your order details. Your receipt email will have the words “Merchant” and your order ID in the subject line.

When will my products arrive?

You have instant access to your products! Yes, you can start using Metabolic Aftershock, Metabolic Meals for Life, and The Metabolic Mastery Club as soon as your order has been placed! For products that will be shipped to you like Metabolic Fire and the printed version of Metabolic Aftershock, you can expect them to arrive within 5-11 days depending on your location. You will receive an email from “Natural Health Sherpa” with your tracking number once your products have shipped.

How do I access the products I just purchased?

You will receive instant access details in your email. Please check for an email from “The Sherpa” with “purchase details” in the subject line. You will receive a separate email for each product you ordered with detailed instructions on how to access.

In your “purchase details” email, you will be given a link, username, and password that will lead you to the library of all your products. From this link you can find all your metabolic resources. Enjoy!

What if I don’t see order detail/access emails in my inbox?

The emails from us might be stuck in your spam folder. Please follow the instructions in the following link to be sure that you do not miss any more emails about your products! Whitelist instructions:

Who the heck is Jade Teta and why should I listen to him?

I’m an integrative doctor and run a metabolic enhancement clinic in North Carolina.  With the research and data I’ve collected from over 10,000 workouts with my private clients, I’ve created an “intelligent” form of working out that’s far more effective to “traditional” exercise.

As for putting your trust in me… you don’t have to!  I’ve created Metabolic Aftershock so that after just the first 15 minutes you’ll FEEL the difference.  And after a few more sessions you’ll begin to SEE the difference in your body shape.

Remember, you’re covered by our 90-day money back guarantee so please… put me to the test today.  There’s ZERO risk to you.

What is Metabolic Aftershock and how do I know it will work for me?

Metabolic Aftershock is the world’s first workout program that burns fat, shapes muscle and fights aging around the clock.  While you’re relaxing, walking the dog or asleep in bed, it continues to work its magic on your metabolism for up to 72 hours AFTER you workout.

The best part is you can rest whenever you want during the workouts!  Simply take a breather when YOU feel the need, not when some drill sergeant trainer tells you to!

Metabolic Aftershock is an individualized, intelligent workout program.  You move ahead at your own pace.  It’s your workout, your way and I believe that’s why my coaching clients see such rapid results.

Is 15 minutes, 3 times a week really enough?

Definitely!  The beauty of the Metabolic Aftershock program is how little time it takes to get BIG results.  The workouts push your body to break through your metabolism’s anaerobic threshold.  And that happens FAST.

There’s simply no need to keep working out, running, sweating bullets on the treadmill or pushing yourself through the pain for HOURS when the best results happen in less time.

Metabolic Aftershock is ultra-effective AND efficient.

I hate going to the gym. Can I still do this?

Yes!  You can follow the Metabolic Aftershock workouts from the comfort of your own home.  All the exercises… even for the advanced workouts… use your own bodyweight.  No equipment needed!

Is this really so different to everything else I've tried?

With my unique combination of exhaustive research from 10,000 workouts training thousands of people… I promise you NO other program is as fast, efficient and effective at getting RESULTS as this.

And, as you’ll see, what really sets it apart is it’s customized for YOU.  Push yourself until you need a rest and then jump back in when you’re ready. I believe that is the best way to get the fastest, most visible results.

I’m old, tired and really out of shape… will this still work for me?

Candidly, the older and more out of shape you are… the BETTER it will work for you!

The more weight you want to lose, the more tired you feel, the more you’ll see and FEEL a difference.  Try it and see.

Is this suitable for absolute beginners?

Absolutely.  Each exercise is 45 seconds long and a full workout session is just 15 minutes and most important of all, it’s FUN.

Better still… there’s no complicated equipment to use.  If you’ve never worked out in your life before, I guarantee you’ll take to Metabolic Rest Training™ like a duck to water.

But I don’t want to get bulky or look "roided up." Is this still ok for me?

Metabolic Aftershock is specifically designed to shape, lean and toned muscle.  It definitely will NOT bulk you up.  After all, I haven’t met many women who want to look like they’re wearing two winter coats.

It will, however, alter your body shape into a lean, toned, athletic look.

Will this make me more attractive?

Yes!  Metabolic Aftershock crafts, molds and defines your body into its most attractive shape. Not only will you melt away that stubborn, ugly fat you’ll gain a leaner more attractive, more athletic physique that takes YEARS off your appearance.

Will Metabolic Aftershock improve my love life?

Not directly no.  However, users do report an increase in approaches from the opposite sex as their skin tightens, their glow returns and their body shape improves.

And our married users find they have far more energy and FEEL way more attractive which often leads to a more fulfilling relationship.

Will these workouts make me more successful in life?

That’s a big question!  I’ve trained many high-level executives in my clinic and many report that such is the increase in energy and sudden “get up and go” attitude that they find it easier to breeze through the day no matter what obstacles they face.

Increasing your energy levels, lifting your mood and lowering your stress levels all helps each day become a joy rather than a struggle.

Do I have to eat right in order for this to work?

Following a suitable nutrition plan will accelerate and amplify your results with the program. However, you can still expect to lose pounds and skyrocket your energy with the workouts alone.

What happens if this doesn’t work for me?

In the highly unlikely event you see and feel no difference to your body or energy levels… simply drop me a line at and you’re entitled to a “no questions asked” full refund.

You’ve got nothing to lose but a lean, healthy, attractive body full of energy and immune to the ravages of ageing.

Is it based on research?

A little smiley2  How about 15 years of research, studying more than 10,000 workouts?  It’s this kind of exhaustive research that led to me being able to create such a breakthrough in the exercise world.

Only because of careful research AND real world feedback from my coaching clients am I able to get rapid results for my clients and customers.  Now it’s your turn.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. You get a full 30 DAYS to “test drive” Metabolic Aftershock for yourself.  If you’re not amazed at how quickly the fat falls away… if you’re not thrilled at the extra energy surging through your body… and if your friends and family fail to comment on how much younger and full of life you look… simply drop me a line at for a full, no questions asked refund.

Can I get a downloadable version?

Yes! You can choose either a downloadable, instant access version of the program OR have the physical DVD set shipped to direct to your door.

Best part? Choose the physical option and you ALSO get the direct download version thrown in!  That way you don’t have to wait for the delivery guy. You can get started burning fat, boosting energy and reversing the signs of aging right NOW.

We understand that before you buy you may have questions and that is why we’ve invested in 24 hour/7 days a week customer support. If you reviewed our FAQ and you’d still like to connect with a Metabolic Aftershock team member, fill out the form below!

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